1.You can __________ different kinds of people, dictionaries, or maps to find out what you wish to know.

 A. contact    B. contain   C. convert   D. consult

2. The twentieth century has witnessed an enormous worldwide political, economic and cultural_______.

  A. tradition B. transportation   C. transmission D. transformation

3. Your failure in the final examination is due to the fact that you did not _______ enough importance to your English.

  A. attend   B. attach .   C. attack  D. obtain

4 The man________ that the ladies be served first.

  A. assisted   B. persisted  C. resisted  D. insisted

5. The lady dressed in the latest Paris fashion is ________ in her appearance but rude in her speech

   A. elegant  B. elaborate  C. excessive   D. exaggerated

6. After all the trees had been cut down, the area looked very _________.

  A. decreased   B. departed   C. desolate   D. destructive

 7. Our new house is very _____ for me as I can get to the office in five minutes.

  A. adaptable   B. comfortable   C. convenient   D. available

 8. In the meantime, the question facing business is whether such research is _________ the costs

  A. worth       B. worth of     C. worthy   D. worthwhile

 9. Only one little boy _______ the accident. Everything else was killed.

   A. survived     B. surpassed   C. surveyed   D. surrounded

 10. The teacher said that the children are vigorous and have good_______.

  A. perspective    B. prospects    C. respect    D. prosperity

 11. During the process, great care has to be taken to protect the_______ silk from damage.

  A. sensitive     B. tender       C. delicate    D. sensible

12. Arriving home, the boy told his parents about all the______ which occurred in his dormitory.

   A. occasions    B. matters      C. incidents D. issues

 13.  His wife is constantly finding _________ with him, which makes him very angry.

   A. errors     B. shortcomings   C. fault   D. flaw.

 14. The reporter’s ________ the corruption of several high officials in the government, consequently, they had been asked to resign from office.

   A. discovered   B. displayed     C. exposed    D. presented

 15. Government opponents maintain that the level of any new tax should be ______ to an individual’s ability to pay.

   A. united   B. linked    C. associated   D. combined

16. The two men were found guilty of armed robbery and ____ to four years imprisonment

   A. judged   B. condemned   C. convicted   D. testified

17. An / A _________ must have priority as it usually has to deal with some kind of emergency.

  A. wagon    B. lorry    C. cart    D. ambulance

18. I would never have _____ a court of law if I hadn’t been so desperate.

 A. sought         B. accounted for   C. turned up   D. resorted to

19. Many women still feel that they are being _________ by a male culture, particularly in the professional services sector.

  A. held out          B. held on         C. held forth           D. held back

20. The store had to __________ a number of clerks because sales were down.

  A. lay out           B. lay off          C. lay aside           D. lay down

21. When he realized that the police have spotted him, the thief _________ the exit as quickly as possible.

 A. made off          B. made for   C. made out D. made up

22. The blind boy is highly sensitive ________ any sound around him.

 A. of               B. on           C. to          D. by

23. His downfall is attributable __________ other factors than this.

A. with              B. in            C. to         D. for

24. All agree that she is second _________ none as dancer.

 A. to               B. after           C. with        D. in

25. I can’t quite ________ the signature at the bottom of his manuscript

 A. worked out        B. figure out         C. make out   D. thinks out

26.Carelessness often leads to____.

A. error     B. era     C. erect     D. errand

27. ____should he be allowed to get up since he has been badly ill in bed.

A. In some cases   B. In no time   C. By no means    D. By any means

28. We must____ hat the experiment is controlled as rigidly as possible.

A. assure    B. secure    C. ensure    D. issue

29. The committee is totally opposed____ any changes being made in the plans.

A. of    B. on    C. to    D. against

30. That was one of the strangest ____in my life.

A. incidents     B. accidents    C. additions     D. coincident

31. Since it is late to change my mind now, I am ____ to carrying out the plan.

A. obliged   B. committed    C. engaged    D. resolved

32. ----Thank you for helping me.

   ----Not at all, it’s my____.

A. pleasure     B. delight    C. joy    D. enjoy

33. The armies enriched at the city were unable to ____.

A. go forth    B. run out     C. break out    D. break off

34. The discussion was so prolonged and exhausting that____ the speaker stopped for refreshments.

A. at large    B. at intervals    C. at ease    D. at random

35. He was ____ to tell the truth even to his closest friend.

A. too much of a coward      B. too much the coward

C. a coward enough          D. enough of a coward

36. Everyone else was killed in the accident. I was the only one to ____.

A. alive    B. outlive    C. survive    D. relieve

37. She had to ____ her dress because she had lost weight.

A. transform    B. alter    C. shift     D. cut

38. ____ the West End, the East End is a slum district where mostly the working class lives.

A. By contrast    B. By contrast to     C. In contrast    D. In contrast to

39. Hot metal ____ as it grows cooler.

A. contracts    B. reduces    C. condenses    D. compresses

40. They ____ the old woman of her money by making her sign a document she didn’t understand.

A. deceive   B. trick   C. rob   D. cheat

41. Farmers were ____ after a long day spent working in the fields.

A. wore out   B. worn off    C. worn on   D. worn away

42. I’ll ____ his reputation with other business people in the community, and then make a decision whether or not to approve a loan.

A. take into account   B. account for    C. make up for   D. go in for

43. I can’t thank you ____ much for your kindness, because without your help I can’t have succeeded in the exam.

A. too    B. very    C. quite    D. that

44. We must ____ the house before we decide whether to buy it or not.

A. look at    B. look back    C. look in    D. look over

45. The stronger the ____, the more quickly a person will learn a foreign language.

A. motive     B. motivation    C. moving    D. motion

46. Tropical diseases are comparatively ___ in Britain.

A. rare    B. scare    C. less    D. slight

47. It is hard to ensure that people doing ____ jobs receive equivalent rates of pay.

A. comparative   B. comparable    C. relative    D. equal

48. The plan for a new office tower went ahead ____ local opposition.

A. with the exception of     B. by virtue of    C. in the light of    D. regardless of

49. I don’t think that you should take ____ at your child’s illness.

A. alarm    B. fear    C. worry    D. attention

50. He cast a ____ of surprise at his old friend.

A. stare    B. look    C. gaze    D. glance

51.This is ______such a thing.

A.                  my first time of seeing   B. first time to see

C. the first time I have ever seen   D. my first time I have ever seen

52.  Nuclear science should be developed to benefit the people ______ harm them.

A. more than  B. other than  C. rather than  D. better than

53.  She is ______ speaker than a writer.

A. More a of   B. more of a   C. a more of   D. a of more

54.  People who bribe their __________ for promotion or illicit gains will face severe punishment.

A. superiors  B. inferiors   C. prior   D. junior

55.  Only in summer __________.

A. will the ice melt   B. the ice will melt   C. the ice can melt   D. the ice melts

56.  It seems absurd to wait any longer for those materials. We _________ start work too hard.

A. as well   B. just as well   C. may as well   D. well off

57.  “ I really feel drowsy.”


A. Do you like coffee?

B. Shall I get you some coffee?

C. Do you want me to get coffee?

D. Will I get you some coffee?

58.  ________________ prosperous and strong!

A. Let your country become

B. Hope your country become

C. May your country become

D. Your country it becoming

59.  The rapid development of laser techniques in the past ten years ____ that the future is likely to be very exciting.

A. make it clear   B. it has made clear  C. it makes clear   D. has made it clear

60.  Turn on the television or open a magazine and you ___________ advertisement showing happy, balanced families.

A. are often seeing   B. often see   C. will often see   D. have often seen

61. I don’t remember _________a chance to try this method.

A. having been given   B. to have been given  C. having given   D. to have given

62.  They found the lecture hard ____________.

A. to be understood   B. to understand  C. for understanding D. to have been understood

63.  A thousand miles no longer __________ much to us today, for modern jets can easily get us over this distance within a matter of a few house.

    A. meant  B. means  C. mean   D. will mean

64.  _____________ the calculation is right, scientists can never be sure that they have included all variables and modeled them accurately.

    A. Even if   B. As far as   C. If only   D. So long as

65. _______________, he does get annoyed with her sometimes.

    A. Although much he likes her B. Much although he likes her

C. As he likes her much  D. Much as he likes her

66.  ____________ is often the case, all _____glitters is not gold.

   A. What…which   B. As …which   C As …that  D. What…that

67.  It wasn’t such a good dinner __________she has promised.

   A. that B. which C. as D what

68.  In spring, you’d better take an umbrella when you go out _______ it should rain.

   A. until   B. unless  C. lest   D. or

69. _________ had the famous astronaut appeared in the lecture hall ____________ a storm of applause arose from the audience.

   A. No sooner…than   B. Hardly…than  C. No sooner…than   D. Scarcely…than

70. __________________ doesn’t interest me whether you passed the exam or not.

   A. This  B. That   C. There   D. It

71. That the brain, once ______________oxygen, dies has been proved.

   A. Depriving of  B. deprived of   C. being deprived   D. deprived

72. He prided himself on _____at chess.

   A. having never beaten   B. having been never beaten

C. having never been beaten   D. never have been beaten

73. The Red Cross ___________ help for refugees, two million dollars have been raised.

   A. appealing for   B. appeals to  C. appeals for   D. has appealed for

74. The brakes need __________.

   A. adjusted   B. adjustment   C. to adjust   D. adjusting

75. ___________ with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain does not seem high at all.

   A. When compared   B. Compare   C. While comparing   D. Comparing

76. ____________ for their help, we’d never have been able to get over the difficulties.

   A. Had it not been   B. Had it not  C. If it were not   D. If we had not been

77. It is inconceivable that she ____________ me that day for I waved to her.

   A. should not have seen   B. did not see  C. would not have seen  D. might not have seen

78. If only Mary could take care of herself better, I __________ so much.

   A. wouldn’t have worried B. wouldn’t be worrying   will not worry  D. won’t be worrying

79. If it _________ so late we could have coffee.

   A. wasn’t   B. isn’t   C. weren’t   D. not be

80. Not until the game had begun _________- at the sports ground.

   A. had he arrived   B. would he have arrived  C. did he arrive   D. should he have arrived